2017-2018 Tryout Information and Times

Any player not currently registered to a Soccer Club outside of the Dearborn Soccer Club is welcome to reach out to our Youth Technical Directors for a guest training opportunity to evaluate the player for our Dearborn Jaguars Select Programs.  Please reach out to Chris King at 734-560-7029 or Mo Hijazi at 313-471-4916

Tryouts for the 2016-17 Season will be held June 18-20, 2016

Location:  Crowley Park, 25000 Oxford St., Dearborn  48124

2017-2018 Dearborn Jaguars Tryout Times

The Jaguars offer Tryouts for four clubs: Michigan Jaguars, Huron Valley Jaguars, CW3 Jaguars and Dearborn Jaguars. This page contains information for the Dearborn Jaguars tryouts. For links to tryout times the other clubs, please click here.  For additional details about tryouts, please click here.

Saturday, June 17 and Sunday,  June 18 Tryout Times

Crowley Park: 25000 Oxford Street, Dearborn, MI 48152
Please check in on the first and second tryout day at the check in location.
Age Group Time Location
2011 U7 Boys 11.30-1:00pm Crowley Park
2010 U8 Boys 11.30-1:00pm Crowley Park
2009 U9 Boys 11.30-1:00pm Crowley Park
2008 U10 Boys 9.45-11.15am Crowley Park
2007 U11 Boys 8:00-9.30am Crowley Park
2006 U12 Boys 9.45-11.15am Crowley Park
2005 U13 Boys 8:00-9.30am Crowley Park
2004 U14 Boys 2:00-3.30pm Crowley Park
2003 U15 Boys 2:00-3.30pm Crowley Park
2002 U16 Boys 2:00-3.30pm Crowley Park
2011 U7 Girls 11.30-1:00pm Crowley Park
2010 U8 Girls 9.45-11.15am Crowley Park
2009 U9 Girls 8:00-9.30am Crowley Park
2008 U10 Girls 8:00-9.30am Crowley Park
2007 U11 Girls 9.45-11.15am Crowley Park
2006 U12Girls 2:00-3.30pm Crowley Park
2005 U13 Girls 2:00-3.30pm Crowley Park
2004 U14 Girls 11.30-1:00pm Crowley Park
High School Girls 3:45-5:15pm Crowley Park

Monday, June 19 Tryout Times*

* Most teams are formed by the completion of Day 2.

Age Group Time Location
2010-2007 Boys and Girls 5:30-6:30pm Crowley Park
2006-2003 Boys and Girls 6:30-7:30pm Crowley Park

Tryout Contacts for Dearborn Jaguars FC questions:
2010 (U7) – 2005 (U12) Technical director, Chris King,, 734-560-0209
2004 (U13) – 1998 (U19) Technical director, Mo Hijazi,, 313-471-4916
Dearborn Jaguars Administrator, Holly Lucas,, 313-320-6979

2016-2017 Tryout Booklet and Season Information Can Be Found at the following link: