The Committees

The Oversight Committee – The Oversight Committee is comprised of a Chairman and four members. The Chairman is appointed by the Club President and the four members are appointed by the Chairman. It is the intention of the Dearborn Soccer Club to conduct its activities in a safe, wholesome and ethical environment. The Oversite Committee is responsible for resolving any matters involving Dearborn Soccer Club members that are allegedly contrary to such an environment.

Members interested in being considered to participate on the DSC Oversight Committee can contact President Holly Lucas at Instructions to submit the completed application are listed on the application.

Click on the following link to print out a copy of the “Dearborn Soccer Club Discipline and Appeals Complaint Form”

The Constitution and By-Laws Committee – The Constitution and By-Laws Committee is a standing committee that establishes and maintains the Constitution and By-Laws. The Board of Directors appoints the Chairman and members.  For the DSC By-laws please click here