5th Annual Dearborn Soccer 3V3 Tournament Announced

January 4, 2020 Dearborn, Michigan- The Dearborn Soccer Club and Dearborn Jaguars FC continue to put on an event to remember in announcing the 5th Annual Dearborn Soccer 3v3 Soccer Tournament.

This year’s event is TBD

The feedback is always tremendous, culminating in a great gathering for families, players, supporters and all those in attendance on a beautiful Saturday at Crowley Park.

The event is supported by volunteers helping with registration, check-in and concessions to keep all hydrated throughout the festivities.  The games start at 9am and conclude with Finals for each division in mid-afternoon.  All players in the finals are awarded medals, with finals winners awarded a championship trophy.

“We are extremely happy and feel a great sense of pride in the success of this tournament.  The aim of generating fundraising dollars, which will go back into the club will help support many initiatives.” said Dearborn Soccer Club Director of Operations Trevor King.

Players fanning over the five mini-fields throughout the day, use the event to showcase themselves in mid-season form as creative play is usually on display across the board.  3v3 Tournament rules encourage individuality, and bring the game back to its street soccer roots.  The players annually showcase themselves extremely well, while showing flair working as a team.

“The success of this event is not possible without the efforts of all of our volunteers, referees, parents and Dearborn Soccer Club Board.  They support the vision of this event and we are excited to make this an annual event.” said King.

“I would like to thank the community for supporting this tournament and we look forward to continuing to find ways to add value to our members” said Dearborn Soccer Club Vice President Mike Berry.  “Working together with the Dearborn Jaguars leadership we know the future will be bright.” said Berry.

You can enjoy a short video of the 2016 event by clicking “HERE”

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